MSGA Candidate Conor O’Sullivan Publishes Op-Ed on

CGA’s Conor O’Sullivan has written an op-ed, “Resurgence of Populism Threatens Stability of European Union,” which has been published on, The Open Think Tank on Foreign Policy. The op-ed, written for the MSGA elective course, EUrope in the 21st Century taught by Professor Colette Mazzucelli, analyzes the resurgence of populism in member states of the European Union, the potential strengthening of the Far Right in national parliaments after the upcoming European Parliament elections, and the prospects for the future of integration.  To read the full article, click here.


CGA’s Mazzucelli Pioneers Teaching European Integration Research Seminar Online

Professor Colette Mazzucelli has introduced a European integration research seminar for a small cohort of advanced students in China, Taiwan, and the United States who are preparing to apply for study at prestigious American colleges and universities. (more…)

CGA student Michael Lumbers in Janes Intelligence Review

Jane’s Intelligence Review published an article titled “Pivotal Commitment – Washington’s policy towards Asia-Pacific tested”  by CGA student Michael Lumbers that assesses prospects for the Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia. The article is based in part on Michael’s M.S. in Global Affairs graduate thesis, which looks at current Sino-American relations. Read the full article here.

CGA’s Hewitt moderates panel on Clean Energy

As part of the Center for Global Affairs series on Fueling Our Future, Bill Hewitt, Adjunct Assistant Professor with CGA, recently moderated a discussion on “Clean Energy for All: Technology, Policy, and Finance.”  Hewitt put together a group of highly accomplished experts including Professor Travis Bradford, from SIPA and the Prometheus Institute; Dr. Vignesh Gowrishankar, from NRDC; and Dr. Minoru Takada from the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative.  CGA’s Dean, Vera Jelinek, welcomed a full house of audience members.  For more, see Hewitt’s blog here.

CGA’s Mazzucelli moderates at the Build Peace Conference at MIT’s Media Lab

Professor Colette Mazzucelli served as chair and moderator of the Current Challenges: Information Communication Technologies for Human Rights Documentation Working Session during the Build Peace Conference hosted at MIT’s Media Lab on April 5-6. (more…)

CGA’s Trahan moderates panel on ICC & Crime of Aggression

On April 4, 2014, Professor Jennifer Trahan moderated a panel as part of the American Bar Association’s Section of International Law Spring Meeting at the Waldorf Astoria.  The panel was entitled “Does the International Criminal Court’s Crime of Aggression Criminalize Humanitarian Intervention?”  Panelists were Liechtenstein Ambassador Christian Wenaweser, Rutgers Law Professor Roger Clark, and Jelena Pia-Comella for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.  Panel Chairs were Professor David M. Crane, and Judge Marilyn Kaman.

CGA’s Edward Goldberg on The Huffington Post

CGA Professor Edward Goldberg has a new article on The Huffington “Markets Trump Tanks - The Number One Lesson From Ukraine”. Read the full article here.


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