John Bradley on CBS news

John Bradley, Associate Vice President of Sustainability, Energy, and Technical Services at NYU and adjunct faculty member at the Center for Global Affairs, was quoted on CBS in their segment Smaller, smarter: The Power… Continue reading

Galeotti’s new book: Russia’s Wars in Chechnya, 1994-2008

CGA Professor Mark Galeotti’s latest book was launched in December 2014. Published by Osprey Books, Russia’s Wars in Chechnya, 1994-2008 is a concise summary and analysis of the two Russo-Chechen wars, their causes… Continue reading

MSGA Student Reterski in Foreign Affairs

Milosz Reterski, a second-year student in the MSGA’s Transnational Security concentration, has had an op. ed he wrote for Prof. Galeotti’s Hard Power class published on the Foreign Affairs website. Entitled ‘Breaking the… Continue reading

Anne Marie Goetz comments on Kenyatta case in New York Times

CGA’s Anne Marie Goetz commented on the ICC’s recent failure in the Kenyatta case on the New York Time’s ‘Room For Debate’.  To read more, click here.

Edward Goldberg publishes Globalization 5 for Huffington Post

For the last three years, Edward Goldberg has written a geo-political-economic list, charting the trends and events that are changing the United States and the world. See this year’s list and  and what… Continue reading

Mark Galeotti gives keynote on Russia at Latvian defense conference

CGA’s Prof. Mark Galeotti was the keynote speaker at a workshop on Russia and the Return of Geopolitics, held at the Latvian National Defense College and sponsored by its Center for Security and… Continue reading

CGA’s Edward Goldberg featured in Real Clear World about New Energy Wealth

Real Clear World published an article by CGA’s Professor Edward Goldberg that discusses new energy wealth of the US, its inoculation of the US economy, and the mutability of power relations in the world. To read the… Continue reading

CGA Students Reflect on 10th Annual Energy Symposium

There was a good turnout from the MSGA program at Columbia University’s 10th Annual Energy Symposium.  Students Rudy Sanfilippo, Marcela Miceli, Katelyn Schatmeyer, Victor Ginich were there as was Professor Bill Hewitt. Marcela… Continue reading