CGA student team in global Wikistrat Grand Strategy Competition

A team of students from the NYU-SCPS Center for Global Affairs has accepted an invitation to participate in Wikistrat’s Grand Strategy Competition, in which select teams representing leading academic institutions from around the world participate in the first ever wiki-based grand strategy competition with a prize pool of $10,000. The CGA team members are Rorry Daniels, Shubha Jaishankar, Regina Joseph, Jumana Kawar, Katherine Kokkinos, Ivana Kvesic, Gordon Little, and Daniel Mulet Lind.

Through a month of weekly exercises, the CGA team will be devising a grand strategy for Russia. Issues to be addressed include Russia’s interests in global energy security, in the spread of Salafi Jihadist terrorism, in global economic rebalancing, nuclear proliferation and the bilateral U.S.-China relationship. Assessing these interests, along with domestic drivers and regional analysis, will shape the grand strategy that will then be tested against ‘shocks’ devised by the competition organizers. This is not only an excellent learning experience for members of the research team, but also exposes the CGA program’s discipline and creativity to global policy experts that will be judging the team’s weekly assignments. Additionally, the wiki-based component of the competition encourages cooperation between the CGA team and other leading academic institutions.

Wikistrat’s competition is not a war game—rather, the aim is for teams to focus on areas of potential cooperation instead of operating on zero-sum assumptions. The CGA team is already part of several exciting collaborative groupings, including a BRIC forum and a discussion on resuming six-party talks with North Korea. The online aspect of the competition will help the students involved become accustomed to virtual cooperation—a concept that is sure to grow in the IR field as information technology improves.

Other teams participating in the Wikistrat competition include Columbia University, Johns Hopkins’ SAIS, NATO’s Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the United States Air Force, Yale University, Oxford University, and Tel Aviv University.